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Looking to buy camp merchandise? You are at the right place! 

Welcome to our online Camp Store! Click the link below to place your order.


All camp clothing will be automatically delivered to camp for your campers session. It will be distributed to campers during registration the day they arrive. 

If you would like to purchase clothing but will not be attending camp this year, we will be providing a delivery option! If you would like to have your order delivered to your home, a flat rate of $10 will be charged for shipping. To request a home delivery, send a copy of your receipt, your full mailing address and an EMT of $10 to


The cut off for our first order will be June 25th at noon. Those wishing to have camp clothing for 1st Senior and 1st Intermediate MUST order by this deadline. 

The cut off for the second order will be July 5th at noon. This will guarantee campers receive clothing for all other sessions. 

P.S. Please ignore the countdown on the bottom of the clothing store :)

Need support on how to order the camp clothing? Watch the Youtube Video below!  

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