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The Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program is run by our amazing Leadership and Wellness Director each and every summer. The program invites youth **15 and 16, prior to July 1st 2024, to participate in staff training, volunteer for weekly practical experiences during Junior and Intermediate camps and develop their leadership skills with our CIT Program Directors. Youth leave the program not only prepared to be a counsellor, but leaders as well. The training includes topics and hands-on skills like resume building, cover letters, peer mediation, conflict resolution on top of how to navigate being a great counsellor to kids at camp. Youth who are 15 are welcome to both be campers during senior and apply for, and if selected, be part of the CIT Program.

January 2024 Update

The program costs are tiered for 2024. Families are encouraged to select a tier that works best for their budget. Similar to our registration tiers, the tier chosen does not reflect the experience a CIT has at camp and is kept confidential between our Executive Director and Treasurers.

Tier 1 - $125 : This tier reflects a "Pay It Forward" contribution to the program to support other youth in affording the CIT program at Sherbrooke Lake Camp.

Tier 2 - $100 : This tier best reflects the true costs of this program including a CIT T-Shirt, onsite meals during practical weeks and supplies

Tier 3 - $75 : This tier reflects a subsidized option for interested CIT participants. 

Application and Program Timeline

​​In February & March 2024, youth will directly apply through the STAFF CampBrain portal; this closes March 13th at 11:59pm. 


They will hear back from us after the closing date. We encourage youth to be independent in this process, use their own email and phone number as available. They may create a Staff/CIT CampBrain login separate from their camper CampBrain login. There is a portion of the application where they enter parent/guardian contact information so parents can be kept in the loop.

If you are interested in being considered for multiple roles, such as CIT and Counsellor, you're able to indicate such in the application process as well by clicking the boxes. 


May 4th, 2024, If successful, the youth will be invited to interview during the May 2024 Clean Up Day. 

July 3rd - 5th, 2024, CIT Program participants are part of staff training the first week of July, typically the Wednesday - Friday.


For their summer, we will work with them and their family's schedule to have them out for specific weeks as a CIT. Typically, we like to see their first week be the first 2 weeks of the summer, 1st Intermediate (July 7 - 12th) or 1st Junior (July 14th -19th) 

**Youth who have birthdays July - September, turning 15, are encouraged to apply for the program. We must acknowledge however, that due to the required age of 16 for hiring in the camp setting per CANSPEI, our Accreditation body, they will be eligible for the CIT program for 3 years rather than the typical 2. We like to note this as we've had folks in the past disappointed that they weren't able to work at camp the same year as their peers **

If your youth has any further questions, please have them reach out via email to our Executive Director, 

If you are interested in beginning to prepare to apply, we encourage they check out the application resource below, made by Summer 2022 Assistant Director Meagan MacPherson


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