Sherbrooke Lake Camp's Counsellor in Training (CIT) Program

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is located on a beautiful 1000ft natural beach in Lunenburg County Nova Scotia. We are an overnight summer youth camp in Franey Corner, NS and are owned and operated by the United Church of Canada.


We base everything around our code:

We believe in kids. We are a safe space to learn. We believe everything is possible.

We think big, but simple. We play until we can’t. We are the place to explore faith. We inspire & motivate listening to spark understanding.

Our mission is to provide a natural environment where youth, under the guidance of positive role models, take part in a personal growth and Christian experiences that emphasizes community building, positive social interactions, environmental awareness, skill building, and fun.


EXTENSION: Applications will now close April 17th, 2022 at 1159 PM.


You do NOT need to be registered for a Senior / Leadership Camp to apply to be a CIT! 

We will seeking folks who are interested in being part of our reimagined, robust CIT program. We are looking for people aged 15 and 16 years before July 4th 2022; who are motivated, dedicated and will put the well-being of our campers first! If you feel you are that person and you come with ALL of the right skills and pre-requisites, then we would encourage you to apply!

The CIT program is run by our amazing assistant director. It's a program that has youth come and train not only to be future counsellors but to be leaders as well! The training includes topics and hands-on skills like resume building, cover letters, peer mediation, conflict resolution on top of how to navigate being a counsellor at camp.


Youth will apply with a resume and cover letter and then once successful, will be invited to interview. If successful through, they attend camp clean up and staff training in late June. For their summer, we will work with them and their family's schedule to have them out for specific weeks as a CIT.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact 


Meagan MacPherson

Assistant Director, CIT Program Director & Faith Formation