2022 Community Cabin Campaign

In 2017 we started updating our cabins to new, beautiful buildings for kids to enjoy while spending weeks with us at camp. These cabins included features to improve our accessibility offers such as a change room and a ramp outside of the building. We have been so lucky to replace 8 of our 9 original cabins so far, and it wouldn't have happened without the amazing support from our community and alumni. 

Here we are, FINALLY, in March of 2022 with just one cabin to complete between now and summer.


We are so excited to finally refresh the last of our original 9 cabins.


This comes with a lot of reflection and gratitude.

We want this cabin to reflect the countless community members and volunteers that impact and support camp every year.


This cabin, Cabin 6, will be our "Community Cabin". Everyone who donates to this cabin's build will have their name or their company's name posted within the cabin walls around the bunks in true camp fashion! This will help us to build a legacy for our community and connect the amazing donors with the campers in the cabins!

When we first started building our cabins in 2017 they cost us ~$16000 to build. Due to the rising costs of resources, travel and labour alike, the cabins are currently costing ~$27000 to build. Although we are hopefully to receive some support from local grants and church organizations, we are asking our community of parents, alumni, neighbours, businesses, and all to support us in this project so all of the campers in 2022 can enjoy the beautiful, open new cabin inclusivity and structures.