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When asked what Sherbrooke Lake Camp means to campers, volunteers, staff and alumni, one word always comes up:


Home is a place to find yourself, be yourself and love yourself. As an inclusive and affirming space, Sherbrooke Lake Camp always aims to be home to all who come through our gates. 


It's been a tough few years - for everyone. From being stuck at home to relearning how to be out; and our campers and families are feeling this.


In Summer 2023, we had many camper families/guardians acknowledge that camp was growing to be out of their range and for some even out of the picture due to financial circumstances. We worked with local donors and groups to sponsor those as they came up. But for 2024 we want to be able to do MORE.



We've said it before and here we are saying it again: Camp is needed NOW more than ever. As home to many people: camp is a place to find yourself, be yourself and love yourself.

This campaign is fundraising to help us continue offering amazing programming, upkeep our spectacular property and support the growth and development of our young staff and volunteers!


We can't thank you enough for considering us for your donation!


Canada Helps is an easy way to donate directly to Sherbrooke Lake Camp. You can do a one time donation, set up monthly donations and observe the success of our fundraisers! You will receive a tax receipt for this donation directly from the website.
You can also donate by cheque to

Sherbrooke Lake Camp c/o Jules Lawrence
3664 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 4T1

and EMT
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