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Are you starting to prepare for camp? You have come to the right page! We will update this again closer to Summer 2024! 


2023 Camper Manual

Inspired by our sister camp, Kidston, our Directors Kat and Jade designed a guide for campers and families/guardians alike to help prepare them for Summer 2023! This includes a sample schedule, a look at our site and an introduction to our management team and culture!

About Sherbrooke Lake Camp

Located at 420 Church Camp Road, in Franey Corner, NS B0J 2M0 we are about 1h 15m from Downtown Halifax, 30m from Chester, 1h from Kentville and 50m from Bridgewater. Our road is accessed off of the Forties Road between East Dalhousie and New Ross, Nova Scotia. 


We are a rustic camp nestled deep in the woods. We pride ourselves on our commitment to respect the natural environment, our waterways and the kilometre-long sandy beach where we swim, canoe, laugh, sing and play!

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is an affirming camp with gender inclusive cabins, opportunities to explore spirituality and ask questions about faith. Regardless of faith or beliefs, campers of all backgrounds are welcome and invited to join our safe space in beautiful and rural Franey Corner, Nova Scotia. 


Sherbrooke Lake Camp is situated on Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people. We seek to live by the principles of Peace and Friendship with our Indigenous siblings, the land, and all of our relations.

2024 Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Drop off :

    • Please arrive to camp between 2:00pm - 2:30pm on Sunday. Our gate will be open! Please arrive before 2:30pm to prevent two-way traffic on the road. If you arrive early, you can check out the beach and enjoy our site. At 2:30pm we will have a count down and then registration will be directly at your camper's cabin! Campers aren't permitted in the cabins before 2:30pm to support the staff in preparing for the BEST WEEK EVER! But don't worry - we'll also have folks directing you to the cabins if you forget which cabin your camper is in!

      • All merchandise will be in the cabin ready for your camper if your ordered some! We don't have extra, but we do have patches ($5) stickers ($2) and travel mugs ($20) for purchase at the Arthur Harvey Dining Lodge - cash only please!

      • You'll be directed to the lodge AFTER we wrap up as that is where any mail or medications will be dropped off!

  • Pick Up:

    • On Fridays, Parents/Guardians are asked to arrive between 11:30am - 12:00noon. Please arrive before 12:00noon to prevent two-way traffic on the road! At 12:00noon after we find out who wins the cakes, campers will be ready to head home with their Authorized Pick Up people! Camp photos and camper medications will be given back on the way out.

Cabin Requests & Assignments

Cabin mate request can be made on CampBrain through your camper's Camper Information document. Reminder that cabin mate selection is left at the discretion of the Summer Camp Director. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. Large groups of friends (4 or more) may be divided into smaller groups to ensure a positive cabin atmosphere for all campers.

You'll find out our camper's cabin assignment on the SATURDAY before camp via email! (**Monday for Junior/Tadpole!**)

Camper Mail

Campers LOVE to receive mail and we LOVE to see campers faces when they receive mail. We encourage guardians to plan mail ahead and bring it with them when they come, however, we understand that it is not always possible. We will have a mail station for parents to write last minute mail and put it in a mailbox. You can send mail to your camper through the post office, however, we are only able to check it once during the week so ensure you send it early and include the week your camper is registered for!  

Camper Name C/O Sherbrooke Lake Camp

420 Church Camp Road

Franey Corner, Nova Scotia 

B0J 2M0

Packing List​
Tip: Let your camper pack their bags with you! That way they know where everything is!
  • Sleeping Bag (Especially for Intermediate & Senior campers - a must for out trips!)

  • Pillow

  • Extra blanket 

  • Twin mattress topper & twin sheet (we do have mattresses but optional for more cushion)

  • Pajamas, long and short set depending on the weather

  • Sweatshirt(s)

  • T-shirts

  • Jacket(s) (regular and rain) 

  • Pants & Shorts 

  • Socks and Underwear 

  • Rain boots

  • Sneakers (running shoes are needed!!)

  • Sandals 

  • Backpack to carry one set of clothes (for our outtrips)

  • Nice outfit for turkey dinner (optional) 

  • Bathing Suit(s) (more than one if possible!)

  • Flashlight (extra batteries is a good idea!)

  • Beach Towel(s) (more than one if possible!)

  • Toiletries 

  • Bug Repellent

  • Sunscreen 

  • Water Bottle 

  • Hat 

  • Camera 

What Should I leave at home?

  • Cell Phone

  • *If your camper plans on bringing candy or special snacks please ensure they are kept in an airtight container


Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Although we are not an exclusively nut/peanut-free camp, we do ask that campers leave nut/peanut treats and products at home. There are some campers and staff/volunteers who have allergies and these snacks can be dangerous! This also includes some hair products and moisturizers with stuff like macadamia oil and peanut oil in it.

Dietary Accommodations

We are able to safely accommodate and ensure dairy free and vegetarian dietary needs at Sherbrooke Lake Camp. We do have gluten-free campers and those with Celiac Disease who attend at their own risk and we do what we can to accommodate, however we are not a Celiac friendly guaranteed space due to our staff and kitchen environment - we're an older camp with a small kitchen facility at this time. Our friends at Brigadoon Village, 20 minutes from Sherbrooke Lake Camp, run a camp called Silly Yak specifically for campers with Celiac Disease.


Cell Phones at Camp

Because we want to help campers unplug from technology and plug into community instead, campers are not permitted to keep electronic devices with them at camp. If they use them for a camera or music, they're permitted to use them, but must leave their SIM Cards at home. There is no power in the cabins so there is no opportunity to charge the devices, though campers have used power banks in the past.


How do I contact my camper while they're at camp?

If you have any concerns about how your camper is doing while at camp, you can contact staff by calling the office phone (902 644 2479) and, if necessary, staff can bring your camper to the office to use the phone. We find that most campers (even those who have some homesickness during the first day) actually settle in better if they do not expect to be calling home.

We do check in with counsellors at nightly meetings and will contact you with any concerns. Half-way through our week, we send parents an email from the cabin counsellor and a cabin photo! A lot of parents respond to these with messages back to the counsellor or camper.

My camper has unique needs? Can they/ should they come to camp?

This is a very important question! We want every camper to feel welcomed and successful at camp. In general, the better we understand your child’s unique needs, the better we can meet them. At the same time, we realize there may be some circumstances where we cannot safely meet the needs of all children. If you are wondering whether Sherbrooke will be a good fit for your child this summer, please do not hesitate to contact us to talk this through.

Do I have to be a member of a church to attend Sherbrooke Lake Camp?

Nope! While we are operated through the United Church of Canada, we welcome people from all faith or non-faith traditions. We do include some activities focused on exploring faith-based values and some of our songs reflect those values. However, most of what we do involves non-denominational community and spirit-building fun and games.

COVID and Flu-like Illness at Camp

We're always working to make camp the safest for your camper(s) this summer through many health measures this summer. Please don't send your camper to camp with any coughs, colds or flus - COVID or not! We want to stay healthy throughout the summer for all of the campers! Contact us and we'll work with you to reschedule your camper the best we can. During drop off/pick up, we ask that folks that aren't feeling well stay home.

Thank you to Camp Kidston who helped with the development of our FAQs!


We look forward to seeing you this summer! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

If you require assistance obtaining supplies for your camper, please contact our Executive Director

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