Camper registrations will be open on January 2, 2020. In 2019 we were full by the end of April and this year we figure it will be earlier. 
Camp is needed more today than ever before and Sherbrooke Lake Camp is made for you. It's a place for kids to be themselves, to learn new skills, to unplug, develop independence, meet great friends and eat home-cooked meals. All this couldn't happen without well-trained and caring staff.

A day at camp includes, swimming, crafts, canoeing, nature walks, vespers, campfire, outdoor living skills and so much more.

At Sherbrooke Lake Camp:
We believe in kids. 
We are a safe space to learn. 
We believe everything is possible.
We think big, but simple. 
We play until we can’t. 
We are the place to explore faith. 
We inspire & motivate listening to spark understanding.

July 5-10: Senior/Leadership Camp

July 12-17: 1st Junior

July 19-24: 1st Intermediate

July 24-26: Family Camp

July 26-31: 2nd Junior

Aug 3-8: 2nd Intermediate

Aug 9-14: 3rd Junior

Aug 16-21: 3rd Intermediate

Aug 23-25: Tadpole (NEW)

Tadpole Camp: 6-8 year old
(a great way for new campers to give camp a try)
Junior Camps: 6-10 year old
Intermediate Camps: 11-13 year old
Senior/Leadership Camp: 14-16 year old
Sherbrooke Lake Camp is the place to be this summer! 

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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