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Family Camp is a great, affordable way to have the kids and adults in your family to experience camp whether that's for the first time or whether you're returning for your twenty third year. Our schedule is a little more relaxed because of the various age groups at Family Camp but we run a full camp program in a two or third day period. Arrival on Friday is typically around 6pm and departure on Sunday is before 11am. 

We are located on a gorgeous 1000ft natural beach. Our camp offers swimming, canoeing, crafts, overnight trips, campfire, vespers services, etc. With home cooked meals and well-trained staff, why wouldn't you want to attend one of our camps? 

For any information registration related please email Mat at or call 902.483.2882.


Family Camp on July 24th-26th per person will cost $95 per adult, $65 per child (5-16yr old)

Your space is only confirmed when the cost has been paid in full.

Refund Policy 

Any cancellations after June 1st are nonrefundable, except with a doctor’s certificate and when approved there is a $75 fee for a refund.  If you need to change camps after this date and there is room we will try to accommodate your child in another camp week. Refunds will not be issued in instances where a camper is removed from the camp program at the choice or request of: the Summer Camp Director, the camper (ie. Homesickness) or the camper’s parents/guardians during the week at camp.

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