Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that will help you prepare for to join us at camp.

Drop off and registration: Sunday at 2:00 pm for all camps (except 2nd Intermediate. Drop off is Monday)

Pick up: Friday at 12:00pm (except 2nd Intermediate. Pick up is Saturday)

Medications: Bring all medications to registration clearly marked with instructions and labels for the Camp Nurse/First Aider.

Code of Conduct: Please print, sign and upload the Camper Code of Conduct to your camper's online account at www.sherbrookelakecamp.org/2019

What to bring:

  • sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket

  • mattress (we do have mattresses but if you want a little more cushion than it would be recommended)

  • pajamas

  • sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets (regular and rain)

  • pants, shorts

  • socks and underwear

  • rain boots, sneakers, sandals

  • Back pack to carry one set of clothes, pillow, sleeping bag to out trip sites

  • nice outfit for turkey dinner (optional)

  • bathing suit(s) (one piece suits recommended but not necessary)

  • flashlight

  • beach towels

  • toiletries

  • bug repellent (no aerosol)

  • sunscreen

  • water bottle & hat

  • camera


This year, to make the registration process as seamless as possible. Please download the code of conduct, sign it, take a picture and upload it to your camper's account at www.sherbrookelakecamp.org/2019 

Here's a change from other years, all merchandise will need to be purchased at camp during the registration process where we will introduce our new "Camp Store". You will be able to purchase (cash, cheque or EMT ONLY) t-shirt ($15), jogging pants ($25), hoodies for ($30).

If you wish to send mail to a camper, please address it as stated on our website and include the camp they are attending. Ensure you mail it the week before the camper will be there or you can leave it with the Camp Director on registration day. Mail can also be left with the Director on registration day.

Reminder that cabin mate selection is left at the discretion of the Summer Camp Director. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. Large groups of friends (4 or more) may be divided into smaller groups to ensure a positive cabin atmosphere for all campers.

We look forward to seeing you this summer! At this point in the season, this no space available in any of our camps. Most of our camps have a waiting list. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Mat Whynott at 902.483.2882 or email him at info@sherbrookelakecamp.org

Senior/Leadership Camp: July 7th - July 12th

1st Junior: July 14th - July 19th

1st Intermediate: July 21st - July 26th

Family Camp: July 26th - 28th

2nd Junior: July 28th - Aug 2nd

2nd Intermediate: Aug 5th - 10th

3rd Junior: Aug 11th - Aug 16th

3rd Intermediate: Aug 18th - Aug 23rd