Terms & Conditions

By clicking "I agree to terms & conditions", you:


1. Understand that only those applicants whose application meets the requirements will be contacted for an interview.


2. Understand that Sherbrooke Lake Camp is an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, the most qualified candidate for the program will be accepted. Personal and/or family connection, history working with/at Sherbrooke Lake Camp, or other factors will not influence a person’s acceptance potential.

3. Understand that there is a process in determining who will be chosen for the program. That process includes:

a) Once an application is received, it will be determined whether or not the applicant will be interviewed.

b) An applicant will be offered to be put into the program on a preliminary basis. 

c) The preliminary applicant MUST attend Senior/Leadership Camp July 7th-12th, 2019. 

d) It will be decided at that point whether the applicant will be asked into the CIT program for the remainder of the summer.


3. Understand that your personal information will be held in complete confidence in accordance with Sherbrooke Lake Camp Privacy Policy.

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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