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At this time all of our camps are registering onto waitlists. You can add your camper to the waitlist at the link above, or check out our sister camp, Camp Kidston!

July 9th - 14th
1st Intermediate

July 16th - 21st
1st Junior

July 23rd - 28th
2nd Intermediate

July 30th - August 4th
1st Senior

August 8th - 11th
2nd Junior/Tadpole

August 13th - 18th
3rd Intermediate

August 20th - 25th
3rd Junior

We still ask that folks initially register their campers to 1 camp this summer to support all those interested in being able to attend for the best summer ever! Within registration, you'll be able to tell us about your camper, request cabin mates and more. We will contact you at a later date for medical information. Check out more here about healthcare at camp!
Age is calculated by July
 1st, 2023 - contact us if you have any questions!


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Registration fees for camps include exceptionally trained and passionate staff, safe facilities, meals, snacks, accommodations, program supplies, activities and 24h supervision.

Sherbrooke Lake Camp wishes to make camp accessible to all campers and families. To ensure this happens, we offer 3 tiers of camp fees - families/guardians choose which tier they prefer upon registration. Upon registration, only a $100 deposit is required. All fees must be paid by June 1st, 2023. 

The tier a family/guardian chooses is kept fully confidential by our Operational Director and the Board. This information is not shared with campers or summer staff and in no way influences the experience children receive. 

Tier 1: $460
Tier 1 is our "Pay it Forward" option. This allows parents/guardians who can to make a small contribution towards the registration fees of another family/guardian in need and to the increased costs of operating camp in 2023.

Tier 2: $415
Tier 2 is our unsubsidized option. This more accurately captures the cost of operating camp in 2023.

Tier 3: $395

Tier 3 is our partially subsidized option. This allows parents/guardians to pay a lower fee if they don't have the ability to pay the full cost of camp.

** For Junior/Tadpole:
Tier 1: $300
Tier 2: $275
Tier 3: $250
For families/guardians who need a higher level of support than Tier 3 provides, we encourage you to fill out the form below. Our Send a Kid to Camp Campaign and many generous community organizations make it possible for many kids to attend camp who otherwise wouldn't be able to. 
Sponsorship Programs

All information submitted is confidential. You will receive contact from our Operational Director before the end of January regarding Sponsorship Options.


Thank you for connecting with us! 

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