Ok friends... here are the community building activities I want you to run. Click, download and print the file, it will give you all you need to run the game/activity. Remember put a Sherbrooke Lake spin on it if you'd like.

Also, here's the draft in-depth schedule for New Germany Rural High's Camp.

Community Building Round #1- Tuesday Sept 19 at 10:30

Community Building Round #2- Wednesday Sept 20 at 10:30

Sleeping Arrangements

Emma & Kelsey (on Tuesday) & Kelly (on Wednesday) in cabin 1 & Rob in cabin 3.

Mat, Kelly (Tuesday night), Tanya & Kathryn  will sleep in the Leader's Lodge

Sue will sleep in the cook's nook.

If you can be at camp on Monday night by 8pm. Then we can chat about the next day and expectations. 

Check out the menu for the three days.


Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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