We have started a campaign that you can help send a kid to camp. Whether that's $25, $100 or more. Everything helps. Our goal with this program is to ensure we can decrease any barriers for families to afford sending a camper to camp. Any donation over $25, you will be issued a tax receipt. 

At Sherbrooke Lake Camp we believe that camp is needed now more than ever. It's a place for kids to be themselves, to learn new skills, to unplug, develop independence, meet great friends and eat home-cooked meals. All this couldn't happen without well-trained and caring staff.

At Sherbrooke Lake Camp:

We believe in kids. 

We are a safe space to learn. 

We believe everything is possible.

We think big, but simple. 

We play until we can’t. 

We are the place to explore faith. 

We inspire & motivate listening to spark understanding.

You can make all of this reality. 

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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