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Are you starting to prepare for camp? You have come to the right page! We will update this again closer to Summer 2023! 



2023 Camper Manual

Inspired by our sister camp, Kidston, our Directors Kat and Jade designed a guide for campers and families/guardians alike to help prepare them for Summer 2023! This includes a sample schedule, a look at our site and an introduction to our management team and culture!

Cabin Requests & Assignments

Cabin mate request can be made on CampBrain through your camper's Camper Information document. Reminder that cabin mate selection is left at the discretion of the Summer Camp Director. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. Large groups of friends (4 or more) may be divided into smaller groups to ensure a positive cabin atmosphere for all campers.

Camper Mail

Campers LOVE to receive mail and we LOVE to see campers faces when they receive mail. We encourage guardians to plan mail ahead and bring it with them when they come, however, we understand that it is not always possible. We will have a mail station for parents to write last minute mail and put it in a mailbox. You can send mail to your camper through the post office, however, we are only able to check it once during the week so ensure you send it early and include the week your camper is registered for!  

Camper Name C/O Sherbrooke Lake Camp

420 Church Camp Road

Franey Corner, Nova Scotia 

B0J 2M0

Packing List​
Tip: Let your camper pack their bags with you! That way they know where everything is!
  • Sleeping Bag (Especially for Intermediate & Senior campers - a must for out trips!)

  • Pillow

  • Extra blanket 

  • Twin mattress topper & twin sheet (we do have mattresses but optional for more cushion)

  • Pajamas, long and short set depending on the weather

  • Sweatshirt(s)

  • T-shirts

  • Jacket(s) (regular and rain) 

  • Pants & Shorts 

  • Socks and Underwear 

  • Rain boots

  • Sneakers (running shoes are needed!!)

  • Sandals 

  • Backpack to carry one set of clothes (for our outtrips)

  • Nice outfit for turkey dinner (optional) 

  • Bathing Suit(s) (more than one if possible!)

  • Flashlight (extra batteries is a good idea!)

  • Beach Towel(s) (more than one if possible!)

  • Toiletries 

  • Bug Repellent

  • Sunscreen 

  • Water Bottle 

  • Hat 

  • Camera 

  • *If your camper plans on bringing candy or special snacks please ensure they are kept in an airtight container


We look forward to seeing you this summer! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

If you require assistance obtaining supplies for your camper, please contact our Executive Director

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