Ryan came to camp for the better part of his childhood. He is beyond enthusiastic about being back in his adulthood to contribute to a place that gave him so much.


His pursuits include assisting kids prepare for their futures, enabling personal development through understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and assisting in the discovery of knowledge and faith. He is an advocate for nature-based learning and camp is at the foundation of that passion. 


“Kids need to experience the outdoors; camp puts them in it. For one week a kid’s whole environment changes and it prepares them for life outside their own comfort zone. It gets them socializing, learning about the world, themselves and exploring their faith in a safe place.”


Ryan is currently a Teacher in the Annapolis Valley. He has a Bachelor of Science (16’) from Saint Mary’s University and a Bachelor of Education (19’) from Acadia University.

Ryan Hamilton

Summer Assistant Camp Director

Gordo Walsh

Program Director

Gordo is super pumped to be part of program staff this year and can’t wait for the start of summer! He has a lot of great ideas for this summer and is excited to put them into action. Gordo is also super psyched to make this summer one of the best ever.

Gordo’s favourite camp game is Gaga Ball and his favourite camp song is Show Me a Smile. Gordo loves playing camp games and going on out trips and is eager to take them to the next level this summer.

Throughout the year Gordo is attending Acadia University in Wolfville, where he is working towards his Certificate of Applied Science. He is looking forward to all parts of camp this summer and can’t wait to meet new people and make life long memories.

Victoria Muise

Program Director

Vic is extremely excited to be apart of the Sherbrooke lake team again this year and can't wait to not only be life guarding this year but will also be taking on the role as canoe instructor and a program director!


She loves swimming and playing games on our beautiful beach and can't wait to swim, play and canoe all summer! She has some new ideas to bring to camp and can't wait to share them with you all!


Being at camp is like a home away from home and can't wait to see all the experienced campers and welcome all the new campers with open arms!


Two of her favourite camp songs is Show Me a Smile and Baby Shark! 


She is finishing up my first year of university at Saint Thomas in Fredericton New Brunswick. She's looking forward to pick up her whistle and bathing suit and put down the books! 

Cameron is thrilled to be back at camp this summer! Cameron is overjoyed to be a counsellor again and cannot wait for camp to start. Last year was awesome and he confident that this year will be even better.

Cam's favourite game is Gaga Ball, his favourite camp song is "This camp was made for you and me" and his favourite time of day at camp is free swim. He is super excited to see all the new and returning campers this summer. 

During the year Cameron is studying at Dalhousie University working towards his Engineering degree. He is from Hubbards and went to Sir John A. MacDonald High School. He loves camp and has been going to camp since he was little. He can't wait to you all camp!

Camp Counsellor

Cameron Batcules

Lillian Maddelena

She is so thrilled to be returning to Sherbrooke for her 10th year of making wonderful memories and lifelong friends! She’s so excited to take on the role as Christian Education in addition to my role as counsellor! She is finishing her senior year at Citadel High School and will be attending university in the fall to begin her degree in Music Therapy. 

She hopes to go on to work with a focus in childhood care; a decision made easy by her time at camp! When she’s not singing or playing instruments, she practices yoga and spirituality and love working out and running with her dog. She can’t wait to share activities and games that teach about God in conjunction with the great outdoors, and to incorporate the power of music!

Camp Counsellor & Christian Ed

Johnathan Mugford

We're beyond pumped that Jonathan Mugford is back at camp. Jono!

John is delighted to return as a counselor for Sherbrooke Lake Camp’s summer 2018 season! He has attended the camp since he was 6 years old. He's proud to be giving back to the place that he considers his second home! His favourite camp games are Capture The Flag and Noodle Munchers, and favourite camp songs are Papaya Praise and Rise and Shine. John just loves leading activities, and making sure everyone is happy and having a great time! Out trips are a highlight too in Sherbrooke Lake’s beautiful forest.

This fall, he will be attending Mount Saint Vincent University and will be working towards an arts degree majoring in french studies, and then a degree in high school education. While volunteering through the CIT program, and then working as a counselor last year, he learned how much he loves teaching things to kids, and allowing them to gain new perspectives about the world around them.

Camp Counsellor

Kiley Brown

We want to welcome Kiley Brown as a new member of the team! 

Kiley is excited to be a new member of Sherbrooke Lake Camp this year as a camp counselor. She loved attending camp in Newfoundland as a kid and is pumped to gain more camp experience into her adulthood.
Throughout the year Kiley is studying at St. Mary’s University in the Bachelor of Arts program focusing on Sociology and Criminology. 

Kiley is also a Life Coach for teens and is from Truro, Nova Scotia. During Kiley’s time volunteering with the United Church, she found a passion for working with kids and getting involved in community activities. She loves to get creative and down in the mud! Kiley is overjoyed to meet you all and make this summer the greatest of all!

Camp Counsellor

Last year Sydney was a CIT and now the one and only Sydney Mason is a Counsellor this year. Sydney is looking forward to the awesome games,
fun campfires and jumping off the raft at free swim she also can’t
wait to meet all the new campers!

During the year Sydney attends school at Sir John A Macdonald High
School. She has enjoyed participating in musicals with the local
community theater.

Sydney takes her games seriously so it is hard to pick just one! Her
favourite song is the quartermaster's store and Lord of the dance

Sydney has been going to Sherbrooke Lake Camp since she was five years
old. It has been a big part of her life and she has many fond
memories and friends from camp. She is so happy to be back and is
looking forward to another great summer at camp and helping the
campers create memories of their own.

Sydney Mason

Camp Counsellor

Jena Cook

Camp Counsellor

Jena Cook is coming back!!!! She is thrilled to be returning as a counsellor at Sherbrooke this year. This will be her 13th year attending camp and her favourite quote is to “live camp everyday”.

Jena is finishing her grade 12 year at Horton High School and plans to attend St.FX University next year, where she will be taking courses in clinical child psychology. Her decision on this is strongly based from her time at Sherbrooke.

Jena’s favourite camp game is wild things, her favourite song is little red wagon, her favourite time at camp is anytime we’re playing games. Jena cannot wait to see all the returning campers and is eager to meet any new campers!

Lindsay Harnish

Camp Counsellor

Welcome to one of our new counsellors.... Lindsay Harnish. Here favourite camp games are capture the flag & GAGA ball! Her favourite camp songs to sing are Kumbaya and Little Red Wagon! Outside of camp, in her free time She enjoys playing the guitar & playing with her dog! Her favourite part of the week at camp is the out trips, and Sunday’s so she gets to meet/see all of the new and returning campers. 

During the year she works with kids hosting and helping out with their birthday parties! 

She is finishing up her final year at Sackville High School and next year will be attending Saint Mary’s University to study criminology ! 2018 will be her 11th year at camp and She can’t wait to see all the campers that come this summer and for the warm weather !!

Hayden Ehler

Camp Counsellor

We’re very excited to announce back this year as a full time Counsellor Hayden Ehler. Hayden is very pleased to become a new counsellor this year! He could not be more ecstatic to be entering a new position and to have the chance to make every camper’s summer one to remember. 

Hayden’s favourite camp games are Gaga Ball and Highlanders, and his favorite camp songs are Fill My Cup and The Titanic Song. Hayden likes all times of the week, but especially out-trips and beach day. Seeing the joyful expressions on kids’ faces from the beach to the flagpole is what motivates Hayden to make camp as fun and safe as possible.

During the rest of the year, Hayden studies at Horton High School in the International Baccalaureate program where he is pursuing his goal of becoming an engineer. He says that his numerous weeks as a camper and CIT at Sherbrooke Lake Camp are what gave him the life skills and fearlessness to become an avid member of his community and a strong student. Hayden hopes to be able to share these positive qualities of camp with every camper who comes through the gate this summer.

Luc Sangster

Camp Counsellor

Luc was a very dedicated CIT last summer and this year we're welcoming him as a part time counsellor. His a complete joy to be around and puts the kids first in everything he does. 

Katie Gatza

Program Lifeguard

She is thrilled to come to camp this summer! She attended camp when she was younger and cannot wait to make lots of awesome new memories this year! Her favourite game has always been gaga ball, and her favourite part of camp is the out trips! 

Katie is currently attending Millwood High School and intend to go to a preparatory school in the United States this fall. During the year, she works as a First Aid and Swimming instructor.

She can’t wait to see everyone!

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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