HERE WE GO!!!! SUMMER 2021 is happening. 

We believe that camp is needed more today than ever, especially after all of the public health restrictions.

At Sherbrooke Lake Camp:

We believe in kids. 

We are a safe space to learn. 

We believe everything is impossible, until it isn’t.

We think big, but simple. We play until we can’t. 

We are the place to explore faith. 

We inspire & motivate listening to spark understanding.


This summer we are offering:


1. Traditional summer camp

2. Weekend rentals for families. (bookings opening in May)

3. CIT program

4. Online Swag Store


This is what we know, as of February 2021, in regards to COVID-19 and being able to offer traditional summer camp:

1. We will be able offer 50% capacity. Meaning only 5 campers per cabin with one staffer/CIT. 

2. At this moment, only Nova Scotia residents AND those from other provinces whom will be required to quarantine for 14 days prior to arriving at camp. 

3. We will be required to keep our campers in cohorts. So less large gatherings and split meal times.

4. All public health guidelines must be in place. Including wearing masks, hand washing and 6 ft distancing. 

5. We will require an $85 deposit per camper to secure your space. This deposit is fully refundable before June 1st. 

As we get closer to the summer, our guidelines will change as public health changes theirs. We are looking at ensuring campers provide an asymptomatic test prior to arrival and possibly quarantining prior to arriving. So stay tuned for updates

Summer 2021 camp dates:

July 4-9: Senior/CIT Camp

July 11-16: 1st Intermediate

July 18-23: 1st Junior

July 25-30: 2nd Intermediate

Aug 3-6: Tadpole 

Aug 8-13: 2nd Senior 

Aug 15-20: 2nd Junior

Aug 22-27: 3rd Intermediate 

Junior: 6-10 years old

Intermediate: 11-13 years old

Senior: 14-16 years old

CIT: 15 & 16 years old


Tier 1- $375

Tier 2- $335

Tier 3- $295

We are keeping our fees the same as last year. We've created a payment system because families have different abilities to pay. Our tier system allows us to continue to offer our same low fees for summer camp, while letting everyone know the true cost of camp and how to help support camp for the future.

You many choose the tier that is most suitable for you and your budget!

  • Tier I more closely accounts for the true costs of camp including wear and tear of buildings and grounds. ($375)

  • Tier II is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more but still can not afford the actual cost of camp. ($335)

  • Tier III is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs. ($295)

*Tier I $230, Tier II $205, Tier III $180 for Tadpole camp

This program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience children receive, yet it offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child’s camp experience with an aim to help us as a community establish a stronger camp in the future.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fact that we will only be able to take 320 campers this summer. At this time, we are restricting only one week per camper. This will allow more campers to be able to experience camp. Once we reach the 320, which we expect to reach within a few days if not hours, we will allow our waitlist to come into effect. So register anyways, even if you're on the wait list, public health measures may change. If COVID-19 does prevent us from facilitating summer camp as planned, then $50 will be refunded from the $85 deposit. 

AND.....there is still a potential for COVID restrictions to further restrict our operations, however we are hopeful.