May 29, 2020


This is a very emotional day for me and there’s no easy way to tell you this, so here goes, after much discussion and advice from public health, our Board of Directors has decided that we will be cancelling our traditional summer overnight camp programs for 2020.


Like all of you, we too are in uncharted territory. Our #1 goal always is the safety of our campers, staff, volunteers and parents and with COVID-19 still in our community we felt it would simply not be responsible to continue the way that we all know camp to be. We hope you understand. 


We also hope you understand that as a camp community having been around since 1964, providing hope and a sense of belonging to literally thousands of kids so we can’t just sit back and not let anything happen for our camper’s this summer. As camp people we are always adapting and in our opinion we need camp to live on for years to come.


Since our traditional summer camp is cancelled it does not mean we have to stop what we do. Our staff will be calling each and every one of our current registered families to talk to you about your options, so please be patient and wait to hear from us. 


Here are some program options for your camper and your family that we are really excited about:


  1. The Rec Box. This program box will be offered to anyone who has the ability to donate $75 to all of their registration fee per camper back to camp, that donation will be eligible for a tax receipt. It will include your camp t-shirt, tie dye, bracelets, sun glasses, special camp recipes, 6-8 Sherbrooke Lake Camp specific activities that you’ll be able to do at home but ALSO be able to engage with our incredible staff. For the three days of your campers previously scheduled camp, we’ll do an interactive portion that will engage your camper with our staff and the other campers who were registered for in person camp. I know the “online thing” freaks us out as parents, but we’ve done incredible things to learn about how to actively engage our campers online regardless of their age. Finally in the box, you will be given a day pass option where you will be able to schedule a trip out to camp to use the beach, our canoes, have a picnic and meet our staff. 

  2. Rent-a-cabin. This option, will allow your family and even your family bubble family to rent a cabin just like you were to go camping at a national or provincial park. We’ll provide you a cabin, with a mattress, picnic table, campfire pit and the use of our property. Of course physical distancing requirements must be followed. But this will give you and your family an opportunity to get to meet our staff and take in camp in a different way.  

  3. Our online Tuck Shop. With our tuck shop you’ll be able to purchase camp clothing with our amazing 2020 logo and the best part, it’ll get delivered straight to your door. 

  4. Day Pass. You’ll now be able to have access to our beautiful beach on those really hot summer days. It will give you a for a donation to help keep our camp sustainable for the long term. 


Please know that as we move forward, the ONLY way we can keep moving forward is with your support. In order for us to be here for the long term we need you. So please consider, if you don’t have any interest in any of our other programs for this summer, please consider donating to keep us going for the long haul.


And always remember that at Sherbrooke Lake Camp:


We believe in kids. We are a safe space to learn. 

We believe everything is possible.

We think big, but simple. 

We play until we can’t. 

We are the place to explore faith. 

We inspire & motivate listening to spark understanding.


Be well and take care of each other,


PS. Registration for our new programs will open soon! Please be patient.

Sherbrooke Lake Camp is a camping ministry of the United Church of Canada

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